Financial information is presented monthly to the Board of Education. To review these reports visit the “About VSCTC” tab at the top of this page and click on the “Board of Education” tab. You may view any month’s report by clicking on the appropriate date under the Board Agendas column. The financial reports are located at the bottom of that month’s agenda.

A Five Year Forecast is approved each year at the September board meeting with an updated forecast approved annually at the May meeting. You may also view the forecast of the District, as well as other Ohio school districts, at the Ohio Department of Education’s website,

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Alan Binger

419-332-2626 Ext. 1002

Kelly Wood
Assistant Treasurer
419-332-2626 Ext.1004
Payroll & Benefits

Chris Arend
Treasurer’s Assistant
419-332-2626 Ext.1005
Accounts Payable

Lynn Uher
Vanguard Tech
419-332-2626 Ext. 2155

Jenny Reinhart
419-448-1212 Ext. 3008