Drug Free Clubs of America

Drug-Free Clubs of America rewards drug-free students for their healthy choices and provides powerful tools to protect members in the face of peer pressure and we are excited to implement this program at VSCTC.

DFCA Works because it is just so simple. Students pass a voluntary drug test and receive a photo ID “Club Card”, recognizing them as members. Club cards are shown at school and in the community to receive rewards for choosing to stay drug-free! Positive reinforcements CELEBRATE drug-free decisions and MOTIVATE members to stay on the right track.

Re-testing of random members occurs throughout the school year. Members keep their privileges long as they test drug-free at any given time.  Random tests EMPOWER members to say “I Can’t, I could get tested” as an easy escape from pressure to experiment.  When a member tells someone “I Can’t”, the person knows that’s true because the member has been seen enjoying rewards at school and when they are out. Peer pressure is stopped in its tracks, and the member escapes a tough situation drug-free!  Ongoing positive reinforcement, testing, education, and parent involvement all work together to give teens the protection they need to make good decisions in the face of peer pressure!

Drug-Free Clubs of America was created by firemen in 2005 who were frustrated that there isn’t enough done to protect students who are NOT using drugs to keep them on the right path, instead of just taking action after addiction.