Financial Aid

Federal Financial Aid

Financial Aid funding may be available to those who qualify.  Financial assistance is available to help pay for tuition, books, tools, supplies and other educational expenses. Each funding service has different eligibility requirements.  You will need tax and income documentation when applying for financial aid.

To find out more about this process, please contact Shelly Schultz at 567-201-2856 or

Full-time programs at Vanguard Sentinel Adult Workforce Development are qualified to receive financial aid.  Part-time students may be eligible for a short-term certificate grant. ASPIRE programs are free.

Other Types of Financial Assistance

In some cases, the area Job and Family Services can provide financial assistance for programs that are preparing you for jobs.  Please contact them directly to see if you qualify for any of their assistance programs.

  • Sandusky County Workforce Development419-334-3891
  • Seneca County Workforce Development419-447-5011
  • Ottawa County Workforce Development419-898-3688
  • Wood County Workforce Development419-352-7566

May Include the Following

Pell Grant

Non-repayable grant awarded to individuals based on earnings and expected family contribution ability. Grant awards are based on income, family size, etc. The maximum amount for 2022-2023 is $6696

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD)

Persons with disabilities may qualify for training monies. Contract your nearest OOD office.

Veteran's Benefits

Veterans may qualify based on terms served and other qualifiers. Contact your local veterans office. A Certificate of Eligibility is required.