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Careers In Education

Gain a solid foundation for a successful career as an elementary/secondary teacher or other professions in education-related fields. Explore field of education through “real-life” internships. Work with professional educators in elementary, middle, secondary, and special needs classrooms to plan lessons, develop activities and tutor students. Gain hands-on experience working with children of all ages & ability levels. Develop a professional teaching portfolio used for college success. Explore learning styles and teaching strategies that lead to a career in education

Course Topics

  • Understand the learning process for all age groups and diverse students
  • Organize, design, and present lessons plans utilizing state curriculum & standards
  • Learn effective teaching methods and strategies
  • Understand history of education, school finance, and school law
  • Obtain First-hand internships and experience in Local classrooms
  • Participate in educators rising (related student organization)

Industry Recognized Credentials

  • First Aid/CPR
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Excel
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook
  • Microsoft Office Specialist PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Word
  • Child Abuse and Prevention
  • Communicable Disease Prevention


Cathy Thomas

Careers in Education Instructor


Career Opportunities

Entry Level

  • Daycare Provider/Assistant
  • Camp Counselor


  • Paraprofessional/Teacher’s Aide
  • Preschool Teacher


  • Teacher/Administrator (Kindergarten – High School, College)
  • Speech Pathologist