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Independent Living

Prepare for the transition to living independently after graduation. Learn career exploration and development, setting personal and professional goals, money management, nutritional aspects of meal planning and food safety, agricultural science, laundry skills, youth organization involvement (FFA), interpersonal skill development, problem-solving skill sand self-advocacy skills. Use assistive technologies (ReadingPen, iPad®, computer, and GoPro® Cam) to enhance learning. Practice visual, hands-on and project based learning. Explore differentiated learning opportunities to optimize student success. Learn employability skills training. Practice Character Education development. Participate in community service/service learning. Benefit from portfolio assessment.

Course Topics

  • Power Tools and Equipment
  • Career Exploration & Development
  • Nutrition-Meal Planning – Kitchen Operations
  • Interpersonal/Intrapersonal Skills
  • Agriculture Science and Plant Science
  • Industrial Credentials
  • Money Management

Industry Recognized Credentials

  • NCCER (National Center for Construction & Education Research – *Sentinel only)
  • OSHA (10 hours)
  • ServSafe®
  • First Aid/CPR


Linda Daniel

Independent Living and STEP Instructor

Vanguard Tech Center

Brian Zender

Independent Living Instructor


Stephanie Billow

Educational Aide


Halie Bryant

Educational Aide


Brooke Scully

Educational Aide

Vanguard Tech Center

Career Opportunities

Entry Level

  • Food Industry
  • Lawn Care/Landscaping
  • Industry


  • Manager
  • Supervisor


  • Owner Operator
  • Manager/Supervisor